I just wanted to let you guys know that you genuinely saved my life. A year ago, right before I started my infusions, I tried to kill myself and my doctor said I came close. Then my dad suggested looking into ketamine therapy. We did our research, and I was scheduled 6 weeks later. I’ve been seeing your clinic every month the past year, and I feel like me again. I never though I would, I thought that part of me was dead. I’m happier, I’m less anxious, I finally started medical school, my pain no longer has me screaming, and I feel… normal. I’ve wanted to be normal my entire life. I’m happy. I cannot thank you enough for saving me. Without you, I might not be here. So thank you for genuinely saving my life. Truly. I can never get all this out during treatment, obviously, but I’ve been dying to tell you. So thank you. Thank you so much.

– HK

I’m a survivor of a pretty horrific crime and I was suffering so badly with PTSD, depression, anxiety and suicide attempts. I had gotten everything I was going to get out of therapy and traditional meds. Ketamine and the staff at Desert Sands have quite literally given me my life back! Dr. Evans, Shannon, Melanie, “M”… ALL of the staff are amazing and I am just so grateful. I’d say the staff care was responsible for a good portion of my recovery, too. I had terrible trust issues and being in such a vulnerable state was scary for me but the care that the staff has shown me really helped me to rebuild my trust in people again, too. The staff are SO caring, sweet, knowledgeable, kind & understanding. About my 3rd treatment I stopped having anxiety and panic attacks and my depression is so significantly improved that I really feel like my old self. The facility and the rooms are soothing, comfortable, pretty and it feels like home. Each room is equipped with a large, flat screen TV and reclining chairs. I’ve started doing things I enjoy again, I’m getting out of my house, I’m taking care of myself again and I’m ready to move on from being stuck in trauma from the past and into the next, better phase of my life. I just can’t recommend Desert Sands Ketamine and Dr. Evans enough. I am eternally grateful. Thanks, everybody!

-Teresa Johnson

Dr. Evans, Shannon Evans and their amazing team have really touched my life! I have know these amazing individuals for a while now and through the first contact when, my mom, said you need to go see them which was about a year ago.

We all go through difficult times and it is hard to learn or understand when we need to get help. I took the first step, I stepped up to the plate and since then I have been able to enjoy the small things with my wife and kids, I have been able to enjoy the small things again as well with my parents, siblings and friends! There are still some struggles and always will be… How we go about it can make the difference..

With that said, I truly and from the heart, trust and believe in Dr. Evans, Shannon and their team. I would recommend them to anyone and if you need help, take that first step, I know it is hard and many of us have been there or are there. Just know there are amazing individuals out there, especially from Desert Sands! Just take the first step and ask for help. Thank you Dr. Evans, Shannon Evans and their amazing team!

-Cody Hansen

My experience with depression has been over 40 years of ruts, ditches and suicidal close calls. While I was diagnosed and finally finding meds that helped my condition, they had side effects that over time wore me down and allowed the deep shadows to return. Questioning my value to my family, my worth in the work world and just not being a happy camper became my existence. I had heard about Ketamine previously from people who had tried it but I never did. This is totally different! I heard positive things about Ketamine and while a bit skeptical, I decided to meet with Dr. Eric Evans to see if this treatment could help me out of this series of downs I had experienced that seemed to crescendo with Covid isolation. My wife was even more skeptical, but after Eric met with both of us, we developed a trust that was critical to our decision to make the investment. From the very first infusion I had a wow experience that for the first time lifted me off the dregs and I felt genuinely happy afterwards. I continued in the program for 3 weeks (2 x weeks) and followed up with longer periods of time between treatments. After having gone 3 weeks now with my last treatment I feel I can finally take a break and enjoy the feeling of relief and enjoy my family for the holidays. I’m sure I will go back to reunion sessions because of the way Eric and his staff have helped me feel. Grace, Josh, Melanie, Mackenzie, Michon, and Shannon all have made my experience with Desert Sands a worthwhile investment in my future. Thank you Dr. Eric. You have changed my life.

-John C.

Desert Sands is the most thorough and comfortable ketamine clinic I have ever been to. Before I moved to St. George I had tried a few different clinics and none had the peaceful atmosphere and amazingly kind and competent staff that Desert Sands does. They really know how to deliver a calm and healing treatment. I’m doing better than I’ve ever been, and it’s in huge part thanks to them.


After over 20 years in law enforcement and seeing many things that no person should ever see, I retired. My only goal was to make it to retirement. Once I made it I found myself lost. I had a lot of time to think about what I had seen during my career and other traumas in my life. Spending time with my family and fishing were the only things keeping me sane.

My wife really noticed a difference in me and was looking into something that might help. A friend had tried Ketamine treatments and said they worked great. As a cop, the only thing I knew about Ketamine is it’s called Special K and kids break into vets offices to steal it. I was very apprehensive. It took me over a year and my depression got to the point where I didn’t want to go fishing anymore. I looked up the clinics in town and with my wife’s help we scheduled an appointment. I met with Dr. Evans for the initial consultation and treatment. Let me just say that after 20 years of Law Enforcement “I have trust issues.” Dr. Evans put me at ease and I dove in. The treatment itself is like being put into a waking dream. After every session I was asked if I noticed any difference. I was hoping for that aha moment. The thing I was not aware of is that the people around me noticed a difference. My transition was very gradual but I did notice a real difference in how I look at life. Dr. Evans goes above and beyond and I consider him a friend. The staff and his wife Shannon are the greatest.

– Dan

I am sharing my Ketamine results to pay a compliment and thank Desert Sands Ketamine for a truly successful and life changing experience because of the treatments that I received during and after my visits at their facility. Dr. Evans and his wife Shannon are an incredible and sympathetic partnership towards me which was apparent during my course of treatments there. I can not convey their praises effectively enough on a review. My story, briefly, is that I have been plagued with Bipolar, Depression, anxiety, OCD and suicidal thoughts and tendencies for the last 2.5 decades. A completely challenging, wearying experience and existence for my family. Enough to bring a relationship to the breaking point. My husband heard about the clinic during a commercial on the radio regrading this Ketamine clinic and decided that, ‘what is there to lose?’ It is an inexpressible process now to truly convey my thoughts as to how successful my treatments were! Suffice it to say that I have, at the end of treatment and one year later, not had any suicidal ideations…not one! My medications have, with professional assistance decreased. My Bipolar outbursts are calmed immensely and the depressive feeling of a dark and dismal existence have all but subsided. I would encourage all pursuing a butter way of living, thinking, feeling and existing, try all avenues to create the path for treatment here. I only wish that others could experience this hope and happiness that I enjoy at this time.

– Anita

A little over a year ago, a friend shared her ketamine experience with me. As she was talking, I started wondering if this could be the answer that I had been searching for for most of my life. With a little faith, I decided to give it a shot. At this point, I had tried everything else to keep the depression at bay, I had nothing to lose.

I can’t even begin to describe the way that Ketamine, Dr. Evans, and the staff at Desert Sands has changed my life. While medication helped with my deep lows, I always found my day to day to still be trying. I could get out of bed, but it was still a task. I could shower or make myself something to eat, but it was still a task. I could do everything, but it was still a task. Ketamine changed that. I don’t have to fight to put one foot in front of the other anymore. I don’t find myself trapped in the depths of major lows anymore, and anxiety has released me from its clutches.

Dr. Evans is wonderful at spending time with you to determine how your treatment is going and make sure that your dosages are correct. He made me extremely comfortable by walking me through every step from consult to today. He was upfront with how it works, possible side effects, and all available information. Because he is an anesthesiologist, I feel more confident having him oversee my treatment than I would with someone who lacks his experience and knowledge. Shannon Evans and the rest of the staff are some of the best people around. They are discreet, courteous, and always professional. The treatment rooms are private and very comfortable.

My entire life, I’ve always felt off-kilter. Like I was always teetering on a ledge. Now, I feel balanced, strong, and capable. Ketamine and Desert Sands has changed my life.

-Tami B.

Dr. Evans, his nursing staff, and Desert Sands Ketamine have quite literally saved my life! I have suffered from Treatment Resistant Depression for the past 15 years. Prior to coming to Desert Sands Ketamine, I endured countless attempts to treat my depression, including 35 ECT (Electroconvulsive Treatments) treatments, over 20 different prescription medications, and numerous attempts at therapy, with little to no relief. I was losing all hope of ever freeing myself from the grip of depression, and physically my body was beginning to show the side effects of all the medication and ECT. Daily headaches, dizziness, and tremors (especially in my hands) became the norm. My relationships were breaking down, and I had no interest in doing things that had previously brought me joy. I had reached a breaking point when I heard an ad on the radio for IV Ketamine treatments. I had previously done some research on the effects of Ketamine with depression, but had no idea the treatment was available in St. George. After an initial consultation with Dr. Evans I decided to give Desert Sands Ketamine a try…I had absolutely nothing to lose! A year later I am completely off ALL my medication, my tremors and headaches have gone away, and most importantly, I am feeling like myself again! Dr. Evans and the nursing staff at Desert Sands Ketamine have waved their “magic wand”, and I am so grateful to be on the path to healing again! I am confident that the entire staff at Desert Sands Ketamine sincerely care about me, and my mental health. I have never felt so secure, and safe in the hands of medical professionals as I have at Desert Sands Ketamine! I will never be able to fully show my gratitude and appreciation for the new lease on life I have as a result of my IV Ketamine treatments…thank you all from the bottom of my heart!

– Jonathan

We are so lucky to have Desert Sands in our community! Every person on staff is professional, caring, and willing to go the extra mile when needed. They are exactly the kind of people you want taking care of you! After experiencing a crushing amount of fatigue and treatment-resistant depression for years, I looked to IV ketamine for help and I’m so glad I did.

– Tina

I want everyone to know that this ketamine clinic is the most professional and caring environment! I was desperate for help with my depression, anxiety, PTSD and hemiplegic migraines. In one week I was told about these ketamine treatments, and I thought I will give it a shot. I was so taken back by the tranquil feeling that this clinic provides. The staff are unbelievably gentle, empathetic, and kind. They exude compassion! The treatments have changed my life. Thanks to Dr. Evans for being so diligent in helping my find solutions to my hemiplegic migraines! I truly encourage anyone dealing with depression and suicidal indication, to give this a try!!!!! You will be surprised how quickly you will heal the parts of you that are suffering! Thank you, (Desert Sands Clinic), for giving me my life back!!!!

– Carmell Stein

One year ago this month I really thought I was going to die. I had been a victim of assault. I had lost my only child. I had health issues & lived in horrible chronic pain. I had lost my job and my home. I truly thought I was going to die of a broken heart. I saw no hope. I saw no future & I didn’t even have the motivation to care anymore. 

I was skeptical about ketamine therapy because I still thought of it as an illegal recreational drug from the 1990’s. Antidepressant drugs had failed me. My anxiety medication was doubled. I had to start blood pressure meds & I couldn’t exercise because of the chronic pain. Knowing I was at rock bottom & thinking I had nothing left to lose, I tried ketamine treatment. One year later, all I can say is WOW! I am SO grateful & appreciative to Desert Sands for saving my life in every way. 

After my first treatment I noticed significant improvement in my PTSD symptoms. I finally had days of decreased pain & my anxiety was better. I followed the recommended protocol of IV infusions & here I am, one year later living an entirely different life! Anxiety is almost non-existent for me now. I’m off of my anti-depressant medications, my blood pressure is back to normal and I’m off of blood pressure meds. I’m actually engaged to be married, I’m able to walk my dogs & hike, I’m living my dream life & I work in my garden everyday. 

One year after treatment my life is happy, fulfilling & filled with joy! Ketamine helped my brain to remember how to live in happiness & it helped me to remember that I don’t have to constantly live in fight or flight anymore. I look forward to each new day. My relationships are better & I am doing the things I enjoy! Doctor Evans, Shannon, Michon, Michelle, Grace, Kendree, McCartney, Josh, Kelly… the entire staff are so wonderful. I’m sure I said weird stuff during treatments, I’m sure I acted weird & I never once felt judged. The loving staff showed me nothing but support & helped me through a tumultuous, difficult journey of healing. 

I just can’t say enough wonderful things about Desert Sands ketamine, IV ketamine infusions & the fabulous staff at Desert Sands. They are truly in the business of saving lives & I owe mine to them. Thank you!! 

I really do love you guys & thank you for showing me grace, especially when I was at my worst & probably saying weird

– XOXO, T Squared

I was in chronic pain from trigeminal neuralgia and severe cervical degeneration. I was at the end of my rope and ready to take my own life. The opioids, benzos, Spravato, and surgery did nothing to ease my pain. I took a chance andmentioned to Shannon, who does my esthetic work that I wanted to speak to her husband, Dr. Evans, about my condition. I was immediately able to speak with him, schedule ketamine with lidocaine for my pain, and receive a prescription for a non-narcotic medication to help with pain & nerves. Within 2 months, I was off all pain medication and almost 100% pain-free. I have my life back. It’s a miracle. I highly recommend speaking to Dr. Evans if you’re in need of pain management or depression treatment. I’ve never met a more caring and knowledgeable doctor. The staff is amazing as well. When you enter the clinic, you know they care and are genuinely there to help.

– Elle P.

I am so grateful for this service. I can now hear what others are saying and logically consider what is best for me. I process what I’m feeling. I learned early in life to shut down and obey. Neglect, unrealistic expectations then abuse of all kinds. The blurring of eyes, the white noise and physical panic shield have lessened. I’ve been a chameleon my whole life. The sessions were hard-I’m stupid, I’m ugly and how was I supposed to know came up viscerally. But with a day or two of thinking I know why I felt that and that they are not true. I had a session where I saw that I have a village that I created. Friends and immediate family. But I have no control over it. They all get to choose for themselves. I experienced true joy.

I can now say I know what it is to be happy. Not feel happy because of something from the outside but inner flutters. I am so much more comfortable with myself. I know what and who are toxic and I don’t have to engage. I can have an intelligent calm conversation. I’m off my anxiety medicine. I still do Wellbutrin for now. Ketamine treatments have given me confidence and peace.

The staff are amazing. Dr Evans truly cares. Everyone is there to help you thru this. They listen, adjust and literally will sit with you thru a dark time. That alone is comforting. Thank you will never be enough!!

– Mary M.