Ketamine treatment pricing designed to make ketamine more affordable—and more accessible—to more people suffering.

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Our ketamine treatment center is one of the lowest-priced ketamine clinics in the state of Utah.

The average cost of a ketamine treatment for depression is $500-800. Our pricing is as low as $375/infusion.

Financing opportunities are available to help make ketamine more accessible to those in need.

Ketamine Treatment Pricing & Financing Options

Desert Sands Ketamine Treatment Center offers affordably priced ketamine infusions for the treatment of depression and chronic pain.

Read on for information about ketamine cost and financing options.

ketamine treatment pricing

Ketamine Treatment Pricing

40-minute ketamine infusions designed to treat the symptoms of depression, anxiety, PTSD and other psychiatric conditions.

  • First infusion: $425
  • Subsequent infusions: $375

For pricing information for ketamine infusions for chronic pain, please contact us.

ketamine treatment pricing

Financing Opportunities

Desert Sands Ketamine Treatment Center is proud to offer several financing options for those in need of ketamine infusions. Even those with stressed credit may qualify for ketamine treatment financing. If you are interested in learning more about the financing options available at our ketamine treatment center, please contact us

ketamine treatment pricing


While possible, it is unlikely that insurance will cover the cost of ketamine infusions. However, we are happy to help in the claim filing process, and will provide you with any documents you need to request reimbursement. 

We will also keep patients abreast of insurance policy changes that may open the door to ketamine infusion coverage.

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