Many who suffer from migraines would tell you that what they experience is not just a headache. Migraines cripple individuals with a multitude of symptoms. Individuals experience intense pain, nausea, flashing lights, balance issues, sensitivity to light and sound, the list goes on. These symptoms manifest differently in each person and the length in which the migraines last can be several hours to several days.

When an individual is diagnosed with migraines, the treatment options are separated into two categories. Acute or abortive aim at stopping the symptoms while preventative treatments try to reduce the frequency or severity of migraines.

Preventative treatments for migraines utilize medications such as blood pressure lowering medicine, anti-depressants, anti-seizure medication and Botox injections. These are used in combination with nutritional supplements, lifestyle changes and alternative therapies including acupuncture, stress reduction techniques and exercise.

At the onset of a migraine, is when pain-relieving medications are used for treatment. This is critical in stopping the symptoms of a migraine. Pain relievers, triptans, opioids and anti-nausea drugs are commonly prescribed and work best when taken as soon as the signs of a migraine begin.

Unfortunately, not a lot of advancement has been made over time regarding the understanding and treatment of migraines until recently. One such drug, Ketamine, has garnered the attention of researchers. While Ketamine has primarily been used to treat depression, studies have demonstrated that it also has positive results for treating migraines. Patients who have exhausted their options for migraine relief without success found that Ketamine reduces their pain significantly. Not only did it work for the short-term, but the relief lasted up to 100 days in some individuals. For those who experience migraines, this is very promising and positive research.

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