Truly remarkable. Incredibly effective. A wonder drug. These are just a few of the comments being made about an old drug which has recently—since the beginning of the century—shown incredible efficacy as a treatment for depression, anxiety. PTSD, bipolar disorder, and even chronic pain conditions.

Ketamine infusions are proven to alleviate the symptoms of depression in up to 70% of patients, even those who have resisted other therapies. It has effectively treated depression in children, teens, adults and an aging population of patients. After many years of research trying to determine the exact mechanism that makes ketamine such an effective antidepressant, scientists recently discovered that ketamine works on G-cells in the brain, ultimately enabling the repair of damaged neural connections, as well as the redevelopment of new, healthy neural connections. Ketamine has also shown promise as a vaccine of sorts for PTSD, as well as a drug to prevent relapse in recovering alcoholics.

Used to treat chronic pain, ketamine infusions can alleviate the symptoms of CRPS, fibromyalgia, Lyme disease, migraine headaches, diabetic nerve pain, and other pain conditions for up to six months post-infusion.

Truly ketamine is the wonder drug that such media outlets as Time, Forbes, Business Insider, National Public Radio, Psychology Today, Scientific American and the National Institute for Mental Health say it is. And for those of you concerned that this is just Big Pharma pushing more medications on the sick and suffering, please know that ketamine is a generic drug that offers no financial incentive for any pharmaceutical company.

The more information we have about ketamine for depression, the more amazing it appears to be. Though many people don’t understand the breadth of this drug—there are many misconceptions about how ketamine is used—the people whose lives have been saved or changed have no question about the fact that ketamine works miracles.

If you or a loved one is suffering from debilitating depression, anxiety, PTSD, suicidality, bipolar disorder, or another psychiatric disorder, ketamine infusions could be the solution you’ve been hoping for. Contact our ketamine clinic, located in southern Utah, and request a free consultation. Our clinicians will help you understand the nature of ketamine for depression, and determine if you are a candidate for ketamine infusions.


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